Learn To Love Yourself

In a world where everyone is looking for opportunities to bring each other down, you need to learn to love yourself to survive. That should be your life goal, not to please others but to please yourself.

Image by Dom Aguiar from Unsplash

We all are brought up in an environment where it is engraved in people’s mind that beauty has a standard; that white is beautiful, that certain body types and features are pretty. That thought is the fundamental problem as it fuels bullying, suicide, depression, and so much more.

What we need to need to realize is that we are not born to be perfect, we are born to be who we truly are. We don’t need to take injections or do surgeries to fit in the beauty standards. We ourselves are the definition of beauty. Imagine if everyone looked the same, our lives would be so boring and plain, right? We need to understand and accept the fact that beauty is colours and diversity.

Image by Omid Armin from Unsplash

Beauty is nothing without purity because what you think and feel is the kind of vibe you give out. You will notice that people who are important to you will care more about your happiness than your physicality, and those kind of people are the one who truly matters, everyone else is insignificant. Your personality is what attracts people the most as it is both your weapon and shield. Your attitude and personality are what defines you because it is what you personally carve. On the other hand, you are not responsible for how you look naturally and so that is neither your achievement nor your problem.

Image by Annie Spratt from Unsplash

The point is that do not act like people want you to act, be who YOU want to be, whatever YOU want to be. You do not need to prove anything to others; prove it to yourself. Your health and happiness are more important than anything else, do not hurt yourself for society. Trust me, your love for yourself will be enough to last you a lifetime.



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