Lack Of Economic Growth In The Third World Countries

The term ‘third world country’ was previously used to define those countries which neither allied with the United States nor the Soviet Union during the Cold War. However, nowadays, it is used to determine an underdeveloped country.

Image by Hasan Almasi from Unsplash

Countries such as Nigeria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, and Ethiopia have a list of factors that led them to the present state, starting with their history. Most of these countries have a bloody history with numerous wars and conflicts, for example, Afghanistan and Ethiopia. They have been invaded and colonized in the past, while some are still suffering from civil wars. These nations are left with weak and hollow pillars; their citizens lack trust in their government, and the government’s corruption and incompetence do not help the situation.

Image taken from shows Zimbabwe’s inflation rate

These people are deprived of the necessities of life due to poverty, they have poor infrastructure, healthcare, and education. Their economy is experiencing a downfall because they lack resources and support from other countries. Due to political instability, businesses and investors are discouraged from carrying out business activities that create unemployment and poverty. For example, Zimbabwe has been in crisis since it’s inflation rate has reached over 300% in 2020. Thanks to the inadequate law and order, crimes like human trafficking are very high, especially in countries like Guinea, Yemen, Libya, and Zimbabwe.

Image by Atul Pandey from Unsplash

Thus around 1.3 billion people are fighting constantly for basic human rights; many of them have seen bloodshed since their eyes have opened, they have craved peace and prosperity for so long, and have witnessed horrors that we cannot imagine.



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