Top 5 countries on the happiness index chart

UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network publishes a report every year since 2012, known as the Worlds Happiness Report which ranks countries according to the Gallup World Poll and country’s GDP per capita, life expectancy, level of corruption, freedom of choice, community’s support and generosity.

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Even in the pandemic, some countries have managed to retain and uplift their level of happiness. Finland is ranked number one followed by Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway on the happiness chart. Finland is on the top because of its wholesome environment, supportive system, and high living standards. Subsequently, Denmark has a high literacy rate, social justice, and standard healthcare.

Image taken from, portrays Switzerland’s GDP per capita from 2010–2019

Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries, has a long life expectancy, stays neutral in every world war, and produces some great chocolates(sorry had to add that). Up next, Iceland has secured 4th position on the chart even with its harsh weather, that’s because of the low level of corruption, low tax rate, and a highly trusting society. Lastly, Norway has a beautiful landscape, economic security, job satisfaction, and a low crime rate.

Image by Melissa Askew from Unsplash

Money is always associated with happiness, and it may or may not be a big factor but I think economic growth, low tax rate, and strong social support is what generates a sense of belonging and contentment amongst the public.



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